Last updated
on 05-05-2016
at 12:00 AM


This blog’s had a good run, but it was built back in 2009 in my early university days, and it’s now cripplingly dated – making it even harder to be motivated to keep it updated – and my scrappy early solutions at spam blocking have been beaten down a bit, really ruining the ambience. Fortunately I’ve now got a new site available at Tim.FYI.

This new version’s better in many ways, especially the new magical way that it doesn’t need updating: it pulls in my content from medium, stackoverflow, twitter and elsewhere, along with manually added details on which conference talks I’ve been giving recently. Hopefully it’s a reasonable profile/blog replacement, with far less faff of actual content writing required (hopefully).

It’s also pretty interesting under the hood, although I’ll leave those details for a later post. Take a look at the page source on Github if you’re interested, and start reading up on Server Components if you want to see how it all works in practice. Still a work in progress, but I’ll be launching that soon, and starting to build it out into a seriously useful tool for everybody else too, hopefully.

For now, adios. This site will die soon, and I’ll start migrating everything to redirects elsewhere (or just dropping the truly dead content, TBC).