Last updated
on 10-11-2015
at 12:00 AM


This blog’s been very much neglected (like every other blog of everybody I know), but I have new exciting news: I’m publishing a tool I’ve been using for a while to help me avoid distraction and keep concentrating: Build Focus. It’s a productivity tool that uses gamification to help train your brain to focus better, by building a quick feedback loop that hopefully kills off your distracting bad habits.

It’s an interesting project; the feedback loop is built around a city simulation approach, to try and pull in easy positive and negative feedback that’s engaging but not painfully so (there are projects where you commit money, for example, and lose it if you fail, which is a bit extreme for this!). It’s remarkably effective at changing your habits, and making you instinctively stop half way through “”, spot what you’re doing, and go back to getting things done.

Quite technically interesting too; underneath there’s quite a bit of TypeScript, lots of neat magic going on around testing and automation to bring the whole thing together nicely, and then there’s a whole city simulation and planning aspect too that’s not that easy at all. I’ll write some blog posts about that soon, either here or on a standalone blog. Watch this space.

If any of that sounds interesting then I highly recommend taking a look at it and signing up for the alpha. Let me know what you think!