Last updated
on 13-04-2010
at 12:00 PM


I’m currently doing the write up for my 3rd year project, which is significantly less interesting than it sounds. To do that I’m modelling my various threads/devices as CSP processes, so I can prove it works. Unfortunately, nobody has ever heard of CSP, ever, so it’s a bit difficult to typeset. Fortunately, somebody else has done this before!

A gentleman called Tomasz Mazur, a clever chap in the Oxford comlab, published a set of symbol macros for latex called cspsymb, so you can slap concurrency modelling into your academic papers in no time. It seems to be completely unpublicised, so far as I can tell, but you can get the whole kaboodle here. That contains a changelog, a pdf detailing all the latex commands and how to use them, and cspsymb.sty, the file itself. You might also be interested in instructions on how to install it in Ubuntu (I had no idea.)