Last updated
on 11-03-2010
at 12:00 PM


(This no longer exists due to the great blog migration, see details at the bottom of the post)
I made a Twister spinner in JavaScript on HTML 5’s new canvas, with Doodle.js. It’s a replacement for the bit that you spin to tell you what body part to put where when you’re playing twister, and it’s an essential university tool. It’s also unnecessarily over-engineered in many places, but that was part of the fun.

It’s all built on the brand spanking new HTML 5 Canvas, and as such doesn’t work in IE, not that I’m ever going to fix that issue. I tried using excanvas, which is supposed to provide support, but I seem to be getting errors from within Doodle, which is a bit weird since its blog says it was tested for this. Pah, don’t care.

Related news, I found an amazing advanced JavaScript tutorial by the creator/lead dev from JQuery. JavaScript does insane, crazy and beautiful things under the hood. Well worth reading.

Update: This is another example of something that I can’t easily get up and running on my current set up, but it will probably return soon! Watch this space. Email me if you want it sooner, or you want me to tell you when it’s done.