Last updated
on 09-03-2010
at 12:00 PM


I got an MX Revolution recently because I broke my old mouse (if you own a VX nano, and the scroll wheel starts to break, don’t put bike oil in there) and the scroll wheel doesn’t have the settings it does in Windows with SetPoint. There’s a SetPoint alternative called HIDPoint, but it’s awful.

Fortunately, there’s a way to do it despite that.

Firstly, download revoco. It’s a project written just to do exactly this, and although it’s not maintained (last update 31st of August 2008), it works perfectly for me, with nearly no setup. Extract it. Run make on it. Take the resulting binary and put it in /usr/local/bin (or wherever). Run ‘revoco —help’ for instructions!

Personally I’m using ‘revoco manual=6’, which sets it so the way the wheel scrolls (smooth or ratcheted) changes when you press the search button. It’s great. I’d recommend you do that and then (if you like it) put it in a script somewhere to run on boot. I’d suggest /etc/rc.local, just before the ‘exit 0’.

Sigh, yet another ‘How I fixed a computer problem I had’ post; Amelie will be furious…