Last updated
on 21-01-2010
at 12:00 PM


Screenshot (Sorry, this doesn’t exist any more! Details at the bottom of the post)
I fixed my automatic calendar feed! It parses the Oxford University term dates page with a selection of reasonably robust regexes and generates a VCal/ICal feed, which you can import into Google Calendar (and probably in other similar places) so that you get events for each week, making life crazy easy.

The URL to add the feed is It only uses the full dates from the site, and ignores the provisional ones, which means you normally magically get only the next two year’s worth of weeks, but at least they’re reliable. Speaking of which, this feed will not be reliable if they change the format of their site too much. Fortunately, Google Calendar keeps showing calendar data even if it can’t get at the calendar, which gives me two years to fix it if that ever happens (given that I even notice).

Update: The site is now running entirely on Ruby, so I don’t have a convenient way to put this back into action. I have got a note on my todo list to convert this across and get it back up again though, so I totally will do it eventually! If you want it faster/want me to tell you when it’s done, poke me with your internet stick.