Last updated
on 14-01-2010
at 12:00 PM


Long story short; grenades and accuracy aren’t quite right in Stalker: Clear Sky. You can fix this by downloading my accuracy mod, and grenade mod

I’ve been playing Stalker: Clear Sky lots recently. It’s now on version 1.5.10, and they’ve got rid of most of the bugs that were apparently abound in the original, but there’s still some issues with balance etc, which start to get annoying once you get onto the tougher parts.

My biggest issues are that the enemies are insanely good with grenades, and you are ludicrously inaccurate. The accuracy is particularly annoying; It’s easy to consider the grenade issue as the game just trying to be extra challenging, but when you can see your bullets deviating wildly around where you’re aiming, even on the best weapons available, it gets more than a little frustrating. And although I did just say the grenades could be considered an extra challenge, they’re currently an insane challenge. I’m playing it on ‘Veteran’ (3/4 difficulty) and the bots are happy to drop a grenade perfectly on top of me, over many walls, at 50 meters and wildly trigger happy at doing so. At one point I shot a guy around a bus, stepped back, and 4 of his friends all threw grenades over it, aimed perfectly to land at my feet. For extra fun, since they’re throwing so far, the fuse tends to run out exactly as it lands, so the game’s helpful grenade warning is useless as you get no time to run. Aggravating.

My solution was to just download a mod that sounds helpfully designed to fix this, Neod’s Accuracy mod + Less Grenades. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work any more. I’m on version 1.5.10 (the current Steam version, as of 14/1/2010) and it just crashes you constantly. This appears to be because it was written some of the files it overwrites have changed significantly, and those changes are necessary! I’ve now fixed this mod by hand myself, and separated it into its two parts, which you can download below (or above!)

Download the accuracy mod and the grenade mod