Last updated
on 15-04-2008
at 12:00 PM


There might, quite possibly, be the basics of a working commenting system at the bottom of this page, ready for the subtle caress of your fingertips. It currently doesn’t do spam checking etc. at all, and it does the bare minimum of sanitizing, just enough to keep the database intact and strip dodgy tags.

Markup is all in HTML, apart from newlines, which are taken literally (N.B. this is an old post from an old old version of the blog, none of this is true anymore). You can use:

<strong> for boldness (or <b></b>, but for various reasons web people don’t like that)

<em> for italics (or <i></i>, as above)

<a href='http://someaddressontheinternets'>link text</a> for links.

<code> for code

Anything else’ll get stripped out. I might transition this eventually to something simpler, but I really really really want to go play Empire: Total War (awesome game) and get more sleep before rowing later. If anything doesn’t work write, comment about it! If it really doesn’t work write, email me!

I might not yet have mentioned, but it turns out that since the server went down, so did my email. I will rebuild. Give it time.