Last updated
on 06-04-2008
at 12:00 PM


(N.B. This was written on and about a very old version of this site, it’s entirely wrong now!) I’ve just finished writing the PHP behind this blog, and hopefully this’ll work, but we’ll see. I’m pretty sure I’ve got post listings and post displaying sorted, and hit counts and code displaying (like this for example.) The big issue is commenting, which I haven’t really started building yet, RSS, and making sure everything works fully. For example, if you click blog, you see the last 10 posts. There is no way, at all, to see more than that, outside just guessing post URLs.

It’s all written in PHP and I’ve bodged it together almost entirely today and yesterday evening, so it’s not too pretty, let alone stable. If you spot any bugs tell me about them and I’ll see what I can do. Hopefully I’ll get all the code for this up in the projects section (which also needs to putting up) at some point, once I’ve tidied it up a bit.

It’s debatable how good I am at things like talking, or writing, or communication of any sort, so making a blog might be a bit risky, if not just stupid, but there’s something satisfying about spouting my innermost spiel to (at) the world. There’s all these good blogs (think Coding Horror and David Seah) that I always make me think about blogging proper, and with this up, I might actually do so. Also, since it’s on my actual domain, people might find out if I never post another post after this one.

If you’re reading this (and not much else) 10 years from now, I’m really sorry.